The Saints Tour


Over the past several months, it has been our distinct pleasure to collaborate with Bricolage Production Company and Real/Time Interventions on their upcoming Saints Tour, a mobile theater production in Braddock, North Braddock and Braddock Hills, PA.  BYP Youth have made a series of clay artifacts that play a central role in the performance, as well as screen-printed Saints Signs and Saints Cards for use in the performances.  In addition, BYP will be selling the Saints Cards and Signs at the end of the performances to raise money for future BYP activities.

Working with Bricolage and Real/Time Interventions has given our youth the chance to do commissioned creative work, which is very much a dream come true for a Work Readiness program.  It’s also given us the chance to participate in an exciting and unique project that’s going to be an entertaining, thought-provoking experience for all attendees.  We highly encourage you all to attend!

Here are some photos from the clay making workshop that took place here at BYP a few months back

DSC_8756 DSC_8744 DSC_8746 DSC_8747 DSC_8720 DSC_8726 DSC_8735 DSC_8705 DSC_8713 DSC_8697

-Brendan Renne
Media Team Coordinator,

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