Last Week With the T-shirt Group

The T-shirt group is going strong. The best part of last week was probably learning screen printing. Devon learned it on Tuesday and printed the fronts of all the Fifth Avenue Strings shirts while Tre and Devon printed the backs of them on Thursday. They looked totally awesome and I’m super proud of what they’ve accomplished!

On top of getting some shirts printed, we’ve managed to create some awesome designs as well. We’ve decided upon the name “BYP Gear” for the T-shirt group, so we worked on creating a BYP Gear logo. Through many revisions, Tre has landed upon what I think to be the strongest design yet:

Designed by Trevon R. 

When the BYP Gear Logo was created, this allowed Devon the ability to create business cards using this logo. They incorporate the BYP Gear Logo, as well as BYP’s colors:

Designed by Devon C.

As for Alisha, she was a great model when we began to come up with ideas and photos for our catalog pages. She’s been working on her brochure, though she’s not yet finished, so hopefully she’ll get to work on it more this week and create something she’ll be proud to put up online.

In the meantime, on Friday, Devon created a design for the CityReach Church, based on a design they provided him. I know Devon was pretty psyched about the first draft, and so am I:

Designed by Devon C. 

There’s still some more awesome stuff to come, so I can’t wait to see what the youth will think up next. We’ve been commissioned by two different people for T-shirts, so I’m sure we have our work cut out for us. We still need to create catalog pages for our “look book” as well as finish up our designs for the Braddock Boxing Club. I’m proud of what our youth have managed to create in such a short amount of time!