HOST Superhero Creator

BYP Junior has been helping the HOST youth create their own superheroes! The class voted on superpowers, came up with a name, and designed the costume together.

It was such a fun experience, one of the girl involved in making Nora was so disappointed to leave when it was time to go! The BYP Junior youth helped the kids at HOST work with each other, and collaborate on their heroes.

Here are a few of the heroes that came out of the Superhero Creator project:

Superhero: Justice


From the minds of some of our youngest hero-creators comes Justice. She holds the world in her hand, and defends goodness with her laser eyes.


Superhero: Nora


Formed in a classroom where the boys and the girls could not decide on making the same super hero, Nora is a shapeshifting, hyper intelligent super hero with crazy colored hair. Like Justice, she has laser eyes. She protects the innocent with her sidekick dog, Angel.



Superhero: Zekrom


Formed in the same classroom as Nora, from the same list of powers, comes her brother Zekrom. Like his sister, he has never allowed social convention to restrict his hair color. Named after a Pokemon, his eyes glow red, ready to unleash his laser vision on evildoers.



Superhero: Wizard Wolf
Wizard Wolf


Wizard wolf was born different. Where others have to work for their physique, wizard wolf’s creators decided that if they were going to make a super hero, it should look like a superhero.

With his hyper flexibility, and uncanny knowledge of magic and the science, Wizard Wolf is a force to be reckoned with. His costume is currently being designed, but so far, he has some sweet gold fangs.

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