BYP Summer Garden Update


These past two weeks have been extremely productive for the Garden Teams at BYP. Check out some of the projects we’ve been working on below!

Flower farm cover

Flower Farm wk 1

The Flower Farm is one of the sites BYP’s gardening team maintains. The garden has lots of plants in it such as brown eyed susan’s, new vintage violet yarrow, lobelia fan scarlet, Dalmatian rose foxglove, purple riding hood. We even have strawberries and cucumbers. Our plan for the flower farm this summer is to turn it into a Wildlife Habitat for many plants and animals. My team members and I had great ideas for this sight such as a bat box and frog pond.
~JaVaughn Robinson

Youth garden cover

Youth garden 2

This week the BYP Garden Team has made substantial amount of progress in all of it’s sites. In particular the Youth Garden located on Braddock Ave has furthered its development since the BYP youth has started to work on it. New things have been done to the garden such as the planting of sunflowers, watermelons, and new herbs as well as other foods. Another project that has been started in the garden is planting a pumpkin patch. BYP will continue to renovate the garden and welcomes all sightseers. 
~Damon Radwanski

Adobe dome cover

Adobe dome 1

At the Adobe Dome the Garden Team did a lot of brick lying. Masonry was taught to the youth and together they began laying bricks for a wall. They are also making straw bale planters by planting seeds in the straw bale. Lots of hard work and teamwork is happening to make Braddock a better place.
~Jawuan Betton

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