BYP Jr. and Heritage Summer Camp

This summer BYP Jr. has been involved with a variety of projects in our effort to provide positive mentors for younger youth in the community. We spend much of our time at Good Shepherd School where we help out at a heritage summer camp for kids ages 5 to 13. We assist in the classroom, on the playground and on field trips, and during lunch. We also have planned several activities for the youth to travel out into the community. For example, every Tuesday, the camp goes in two groups to the library where they get to pick out books and read with a stuffed animal friend. Three days during the week, the kids also meet with our BYP gardening team who has planned exciting activities for them such as watering the garden, planting seedlings, and playing with a live chicken. So far, the kids have loved seeing the plants grow, the compost form (even though the comics were in there), and eating the flowers from the squash plants. Here are a few pictures from our gardening excursions.

Watering the Youth Garden
Filling the watering cans from rain water barrels and eating some of the delicious flower plants.
Garden Coordinator Jenalee points out some of the garden’s plants.

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