BYP and Winchester Thurston Youth Host Community Game Night

On Wednesday, March 13th BYP, in collaboration with a group from Winchester Thurston High School, hosted Community Game Night at the Nyia Page Community Center.  Participants in the event enjoyed playing Connect Four, Operation, Scrabble, chess, and a wide variety of Wii games. The group of youth from Winchester Thurston donated over 25 games as a result of a game drive they hosted at their school. BYP will continue to hold Game Nights using the donated games. Check our facebook for upcoming events!

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The Community Game Night is just the first of a series of collaborations that BYP will work on with  youth from Winchester Thurston. On April 19th there will be a volunteer day in the BYP gardens to jump start the growing year. There will be over 40 volunteers from Winchester Thurston along with BYP youth and staff. In anticipation for the summer, we are accepting donations of gardening tools including shovels, hoes, rakes, tillers, hand tools, weed wacker cords, twine, etc. If you would like to donate or volunteer for the event please contact: