BSYP Media Team: Week 2

Hi again!

We just finished Week 2 of the 2016 Braddock Youth Project Summer Program, and the Media team once again has reflections to share with you.

This week, the fashion workshop focused on Changing the Silhouette. That means that we changed the shape of old garments–mostly old t-shirts, and some jeans–and upcycled them into great new pieces. We also plugged away at the mosaic, smashing tiles and arranging ceramic pieces where they’ll go on the actual mosaic. We also spent a day in the library’s print shop, learning to screen print and designing a month for a BYP calendar.

But that’s enough from me. Read about the youths’ experiences!

Group 1: Split Designers

Group 2: Wavy

(Wavy also includes Ian Jones and Teshara Milligan, who had to leave before writing their reflections this week).

That’s all for this week! Tune in again next week to hear about changing the surface of garments and more of the mosaic process!

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