BSYP Media Team: Week 1

Hello readers!

This is the first of six weekly blog posts, brought to you by the 2016 BYSP Media Team! In each post, we’ll give you a quick recap of what the team has done this week–in both their fashion workshop and the more general media team happenings–and then showcase the youths’ own impressions of the work. Week 2’s post will be up soon after this one, since a googledocs complication slowed posting down.

First off: recap! We spent half of Week 1 in training, making sure that everyone knew what was up with payroll, our community standards, and BYP in general. Then, on Thursday and Friday, we started work in earnest: in the fashion workshop, led by Dana, Tika, and Zora (me!) we decided on team names and did a quick #ScavengerHunt for fashion in the streets of Braddock (and made an Instagram account! Follow BYP_WavyDesigners for our exploits). In the rest of our time (with Brendan and Linda), we started a huge mosaic project that will adorn the walls of A-Boss Opticians on Braddock Ave.

Next, read about the week from the youths’ perspective! I’ve split them up into the groups they spend most of their time with. To read what the youth has to say, just click their name!

Group 1: Split Designers

Group 2: Wavy

(Also in this group is Teshara Milligan, but unfortunately she has to leave before we write reflections!)

Tune in next week for more on the amazing mosaic project and to learn what the heck it means to “change a¬†silhouette” (also, for real, follow our instagram)!


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