BYP Jr. continues their food education at Heritage Out of School Time (HOST). This time, it was smoothies! The BYP Jr team set up three different tables.

Click to see how a banana grows!

Click to see how a banana grows!

Growing Station

Jessi led the station to learn how bananas and pineapples grow. The kids drew what they thought the growth of a banana and a pineapple looked like.

Click to see how a pineapple grows!

Click to see how a pineapple grows!

Everyone was fascinated by the strange plants they learned about, but wanting to eat the display fruits was definitely high on everyone’s priority list.

Do you have an image in mind?
Click on the pictures to see how these fruits actually grow!


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HOST Superhero Creator

BYP Junior has been helping the HOST youth create their own superheroes! The class voted on superpowers, came up with a name, and designed the costume together.

It was such a fun experience, one of the girl involved in making Nora was so disappointed to leave when it was time to go! The BYP Junior youth helped the kids at HOST work with each other, and collaborate on their heroes.

Here are a few of the heroes that came out of the Superhero Creator project:

Superhero: Justice



From the minds of some of our youngest hero-creators comes Justice. She holds the world in her hand, and defends goodness with her laser eyes.


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2015-16 BYP Goal Setting

During every BYP school year term we do “Goal Settings” with every youth from each team. A team leader will pull one youth aside if they aren’t working on homework or participating in discussion group and have a one on one meeting with them.

Each of these meeting take about 10 to 15 minutes in which we discuss their short term goals. Each year the worksheet may vary depending on the team leader that is leading the meetings but we’re working on creating a “Goal Setting” binder that has more consistency to it rather than switching it up every year.

As of now the worksheet that the youth fill out is geared more for high school teens.  It helps them to focus and keep their minds on their  academic, behavioral, and personal goals while still dealing with working, going to school, and other activities.

After they choose a goal for each category the youth brainstorm things they can do or work on to achieve the goals they set. They have 2 weeks to reach these goals, at the end of the first week they meet again and go over their goals as a reminder and talk about the progress they’ve made.

At the end of the 2nd week the same youth and team leader meet and discuss whether or not they reached their goal and why/how they did it. At the end of the school year term we will discuss how they did overall setting/meeting their goals and leave advice for either themselves or future youth.