Happening Times with BYP Media Team!!

Hello from Braddock Youth Project Media Team! Kat here, just wanted to let you folks in on what the media team has been doing lately! We have been busy bees in the screen printing lab as well as out in the community of Braddock photographing away!

blogpost8@ BYP media we just finished up last month christmas cards for sale @ our etsy, which we are still working out the kinks in that.

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Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetblogpost5 (1 of 1) In order to prepare to do these projects the youth go around Braddock and photograph. They really have such a unique eye. Here are some more of their pictures!

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Thanks for checking in! BYP Media team is always working on new and fresh projects! Right now we are screen printing postcards and those will be up soon!


4th Annual Collards Cook Off

cookoffBYP hosted our annual Collard Greens Cook Off on November 15. Here are some photos from the event!bouquetThe Community Center was festooned with green and yellow pennants, and every table was graced with a bouquet of flowers. Best of all was the smell of hot, delicious comfort food.tastingEleven cooks brought eight different Collard Greens recipes, ranging from sweet to salty to spicy. For $5, attendees could sample each dish, and then vote for their favorite. The BYP youth supplied side dishes to complement the salty, savory greens, including Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, corn bread, cookies and sweet tea.samplesThe event also featured a raffle and silent auction. Raffle prizes included tickets to the Zoo, the Warhol, the Children’s Museum, and a gift basket full of toys from the movie Frozen. The auction was composed of tickets to the Opera, the Symphony, a gift basket from Brew Gentlemen, as well as pieces of artwork, some made by local artists in Braddock, and a few screen prints by the BYP youth.auctionWe want to give a special thank you for the generous donations we received. Thank you to the Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Pittsburgh Opera, Brew Gentemen, Cindy McCune, Nancy Shelton and Braddock Redux.overlookOnce the votes were in, we saw that the results were very close. In fact, we had a tie for second place, between Ferry Thankful Greens by Kimmy and Chris Ferry and Growing Up Green by Fairless, brought to us by Valerie Alchier and Jeff Millner. First place went to a returning champ, Rachelle Mackson and her Sweet Sally’s greens. Thank you to our other participating cooks: Jackie Page-Heidelberg, Ben Frazier, Rev. Samuel Thomas, Alice Leibowitz, and Joyce and Brendan Renne. Thank you to everyone who came to the event and made it a success!winners

BYP’s Field Trip to Google


The school year youth had their first field trip last week: a tour of Pittsburgh’s Google office in Bakery Square! It was fantastic to see inside the Google offices and hear from Software engineers during a panel discussion. The company is serious about confidentiality, so we didn’t take pictures beyond the lobby. What I can share is what we learned about how Google uses its office spaces to promote innovation and creativity.


The office was full of homages to Pittsburgh and the past of the building. It was a Nabisco factory from 1918 to 1998, and the office is still sprinkled with references to Nabisco products. An original mixer from the factory is still there, right near one of Google’s famous micro-kitchens. Their Tech-talk space is called the “In A Bisket” room. Parts of the office are also themed after Pittsburgh’s amusement park, Kennywood. They had a replica of a roller coaster car from the Thunderbolt ride. Another floor of the office was themed after bridges.


Our tour involved seeing the micro-kitchens, haircut and massage program, tech repair station and rooftop garden and chicken coop. Our tour guides told us about how the offices include a variety of environments, and this helps stimulate problem-solving. Working in the music room would put you in a much different mindset than the library, for example. One of my favorite sights was a room that had a live tree growing out of the ground.


After the tour, we learned about software engineering and got to ask questions to a panel of Googlers, who talked about the work they do and some of their most challenging projects. We also got to test our own team-working abilities when we were given a tricky logic puzzle to solve. It got us scratching our heads, but was good fun to figure out!

Thanks Google for welcoming us and answering our questions!