T-shirt Group Beginnings

My name is Alisha And I am in the t-shirt group, Yesterday in the group we made personal logos. We also did training for standards and straight talk, we made signs for words that we are not allowed to say at work and I met my other co-workers. Our goal for the group is  to create a t-shirt business for the Braddock Youth Project. I’m excited to create designs and see what they look like on a t-shirt. The best thing about the t-shirt group is you can create your own designs and not have to create what somebody else wants you to do.

Gardening with Heritage Good Shepard Summer Camp Children

Members of the Gardening, Healthy Practices, and BYP, Jr, began work on weeding and redesigning the garden site behind Hotel Puhala.


The improved site will be planted as part of a gardening and nutrition program taught to children at the Heritage Good Shepard Summer Camp.  As part of the program, members of the Gardening and BYP, Jr. teams will collaborate on planting vegetables with the children at the site, while the youth in the Healthy Practices team will mentor the younger children on healthy eating, portion sizes, and other nutrition-related information.

The children began the program today with a tour of the BYP Garden, where they learned about garden safety, some of the tools used in gardening, asked questions about the various vegetables growing at the site, and got a chance to water the plants.

BYP Summer Applications

2012 BSYP Application

This application must be completed no later than June 13, 2012 or it will not be considered. Priority is given to applications received before May 25, 2012.

Please note that this electronic version of the application does not include a copy of the work permit for students from Woodland Hills School District. Work permit applications can be obtained at school offices. Applicants are advised to obtain the work permit application as soon as possible.

Versions of the application that include the work permit information are available at Woodland Hills High School, Propel High School, the Braddock Carnegie Library and the BETC.