Healthy Practices

BYP Healthy Practices engages our peers and area seniors, mentor area youth on proper nutrition and bullying, learn and teach peers about the value of stress relief, and work on some personal interest projects. Here are the highlights:

Seniors. We visit seniors at The Avenue apartments doing exercise and fall prevention program. We had plenty of participants and always made time afterwards for a chat, a game of cards, or a healthy snack.





Heritage Good Shephard Summer Camp. Using a program called “Growing Healthy Kids,” we taught the children about nutrition. We also introduced an anti-bullying campaign to the children at the site.

On your mark…get set…crab walk!







“Move Your Body” Campaign. We couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun, so to get our fellow BYP Youth up and moving we joined Michelle Obama’s Move Your Body Campaign using the song and routine by Beyonce and created the following video: Move Your Body Dance Routine Feel free to get up and follow along!





Stress Relief. Students from the University of Pittsburgh’s Bridging the Gaps program utilized a Stress Relief program for the youth, who will mentored their peers on the value of stress relief as part of a healthy lifestyle.