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  1. Hello I was trying to get in contact with someone about the Braddock Community Day. PAAR would like to reserve a table for the event.


  2. Hello my name is Erica Pierce,
    I would love to volunteer – I love the work the mayor is doing and would love to be a part of it. Along with my son, I have nieces and nephew who like to as well.
    On Martin Luther Kings Birthday, I was involved in moving the debris from the Obringer building.
    I became overwhelmed with emotions watching demolitions crew tear down some of the buildings, Building I hid behind while playing hide n go seek.
    My old house; kids from broken homes – play and sat on my steps while my aunt – whom I called my mother never let a child go hungry or unwelcome.
    Harriet V. Fletcher aunt of Nia Paige loved helping.
    Helping restore this community – her presence exist.
    Helping others was something she has always taught me.

  3. Hy I am trying to see about using the Nia Paige Community Center.I can’t seem to find a phone number. Please let be know who I can call.

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