BYP Gear

Here it is…the 2012 Braddock T-shirt, designed by our very own, Devon Caldwell! To order securely, please click here.

Our Mission

BYP Gear’s mission is to provide an opportunity for BYP Youth to learn how to run a business and  how to express themselves through design. Their designs are meant to promote a sense of pride in themselves and the Braddock residents who buy and wear them. They also provide low cost design and printing services to area organizations and generate income to ensure the sustainability of the program.  Empowering youth through involvement in their community guarantees a healthier, happier future for every generation.

About BYP Gear

 Our Goals:

BYP Gear teaches skills such as design, Photoshop, heat pressing, screen printing, and other techniques used for creating a successful t-shirt business. Our goal is to help build pride in the community and our t-shirts also raise awareness and advertise for the neighborhood of Braddock.

Why BYP Gear:

Increasing our impact on the community means engaging more of Braddock’s youth. With a social entrepreneurship in place, BYP is able to sustain itself as well as bring on more of the youth who want to participate. The more youth we can reach, the more successful our program will be.

What We Do:

We do your commissions and create custom designs. Also we sell shirts to advertise Braddock and promote the Braddock Youth Project. Your support will help make this community better.

About BYP:

At the Braddock Youth Project, we seek to engage youth from the Braddock area in order to empower and advance them toward positive life outcomes. All of our programs are maintained and run by our youth, teaching them not only skills geared toward their specific teams but also values important for their future careers. Furthermore, it is a goal of the BYP to promote and enhance Braddock as a community based on projects that are designed to meet the needs identified by the youth who live here.


BYP Gear — 2 Comments

  1. wanted to see if there were any books on your wish list for Xmas! Do let me know

    If there is ever an art show- it would be terrific if you could post some of the work that might be for sale.

    happy holiday to all.
    will be ordering tee shirts later today

    • Thanks Carlyn, I’ll touch base with all of the team leaders to see what books each team would like to have! Glad to hear you are planning to order shirts. We do have some more artwork for sale. I’ll work on getting this online, but in the meantime, I can email you come photos. All the best and happy holidays! Jessi

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