End of Summer!

As the end of summer approaches, the media team wants to show you a few projects that they completed this year.

We used Adobe Illustrator to make cartoons of ourselves and some of our favorite places around Braddock. Here are our cartoons!

CaressNew Rasaun Cartoon Sir word cartoon Ianneshajniyah-picfredodrippingMattaraRoman1

Stay tuned for more projects on this website and our YouTube page throughout the week.


BYP Spotlight: Bryah


Name: Bryah
Neighborhood: North Braddock
Grade: 10th grade
BYP Team: Media

Who is someone you look up to, and why? “I look up to August Alsina, because he believes you have an opportunity to be something.”

What’s your favorite quote? “Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong.”

What are you afraid of? “Skydiving.”

What was one thing you always wanted to do? “Travel the world.”

What do you want to be when you’re older? “Nurse.”

What has this program done for you? “Made me open to people and outgoing.”

Giant Eagle Foundation!

We would like to express our tremendous appreciation to the Giant Eagle Foundation for their generous donation that has permitted us to upgrade four of our computers this year. Prior to said donation, the youth at BYP were using computers from 2008, many of which are so old that they are no longer even covered by tech support. Now they can make use of the newest Mac Minis on the market. Thank you, Giant Eagle!